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Meet these amazing women mason from Uttar Pradesh

Meet these amazing women mason from Uttar Pradesh

These women have built a great reputation for themselves. From masonry, steel fixing and painting to plumbing and truck driving, there is nothing these women cannot do. These industrious and hard working women masons from Uttar Pradesh have slowly built their reputation and became inspiration to many women workers.
In a few months, this all-women construction team, possibly the first-of-its-kind in India, would have erected 10 large warehouses on this vast site in Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh.
“Only five per cent of the labour force here is male, which explains why this site is noisier than others! Unlike men, who work silently, women prefer to work in talkative groups. The comfort and safety perception of the women is high in this sort of setup,” remarks Santosh Parulekar, co-founder and CEO of Pipal Tree Ventures, which are behind putting together this group of skilled female construction workers.
This team consists of over 300 workers who are full of energy. The trainees will learn skills like masonry, steel fixing, painting and plumbing to truck driving.
Parulekar is determined to make his concept of all women crew a success. He stated that rural women have few employment options; in this way we are seriously exploring whether the construction sector can provide them gainful and regular work.

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