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Australia can’t stop Virat Kohli

Australia can’t stop Virat Kohli

Darren Lehmann, the coach of Australian cricket team says they have yet to form a proper plan to counter Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli.

Kohli who is his top form is going all out against Australia. He scored 655 runs at an average of 109.16 and is at the top of batting charts during the 4-0 win against England in November and December.

Australian team which has not seen a series win in India since 2004 is looking for ways to counter the hard hitting batsman.

He is a big obstacle for their hopes of winning.

The first test match will be held starting from February 23 in Pune. Out of his 15 centuries, Kohli scored six of them in his 12 matches against Australia.

He has an average of 60.76 with Australia compared to his overall average of 50.10.

The Australian coach says that the team is watching videos of for months to learn about his style. He added that they still have yet to find a way to counter him.

Lehmann says that for now the team is going to bowl well and hope they get a bit of luck their way.

The coach said that they have to come up with a proper plan that works based on the wickets and the ongoing situation.

He added that ultimately it all comes down to bowling well enough. The Australian spinners are the ones with challenge he says. They are aiming to control the areas Kohli plays.

Lehmann says that their team has the bowlers to take 20 wickets against Kohli’s men.

He adds that the team is not afraid but is just looking for ways to pressurize Indian team by batting a high score in their innings.

For Australia to perform well, their batsmen should be performing at their peak form.

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