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Indian youth becomes a successful chaiwala in Australia

Indian youth becomes a successful chaiwala in Australia

Many youngsters these days recognize the value of the dignity of labour. There is no big or small job in their sight. That’s why they prefer to take up the tasks they are interested in. Here is a young man who has become a successful entrepreneur in tea selling.

Sanjith from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, wanted to pursue his Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) from an Australian university. But he could not complete it. As a result, he became a college dropout. Then he decided to start his own venture.

He opened a tea joint and named it Dropuout Chaiwala. People in Melbourne like coffee, but, Sanjith started selling tea. An NRI invested in his business.

Within one year, his business had grown multi-fold. His startup turned into a million-dollar company.

Sanjith says that Australia is a good place for businesses if you have a clear business idea and vision.

One of the best-sellers of his startup is Bombay Cutting. It is the hot favourite of the Indian diaspora in Australia. At the same time, Australians love masala chai and pakoda.

He imports ingredients from India to give an authentic taste of Indian tea. Sanjith is very happy about his achievement.

Many Indian students are working in his shop. They work part-time to meet their financial commitments. They are recruited here, based on their passion and hard work.

Sanjith says that he wants to focus on fusion green tea and chaipuccino to attract more customers and improve his business.

Though Dropout Chaiwala has many customers, Sanjith wants the feedback of his parents. They have not yet visited his outlet.

Now, his tea shop has become a favourite hangout for many Indians in Melbourne. Apart from Indians, many native Australians also visit his shop.

Sanjith also wants to open his second outlet in Melbourne. He also wishes to complete his graduation in social work.

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