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Woman offers healthy tea with natural ingredients

Woman offers healthy tea with natural ingredients

While some people prefer milk tea, others consume black tea. Some others opt for green tea. These are the only available varieties of tea in the market. But, Siva Priya did not like any of them. Hence, she wanted to make a healthy and delicious alternative. She succeeded in her attempts.

Siva Priya, architect-turned-entrepreneur, has a small-scale manufacturing unit at Sivakasi. She sells Gooseberry fusion tea under the brand name ‘Fusion Fluids’. It is mixed with raspberry flavour and fenugreek extract.

Siva Priya’s entrepreneurial journey started during the first lockdown in the country. Siva Priya and her husband Vinith Kumar were into construction and architecture-related activities. Due to the lockdown, they did not have work. As a result, the couple wanted to choose an alternative career or venture. They thought to opt for furniture. But, finally, they decided to produce tea with natural ingredients to boost immunity during the pandemic. And they ventured into Fusion Fluids.

Siva Priya says their tea costs just ₹5 per cup, while normal green tea is available for ₹6.5 per cup. Thus, the couple started selling tea at an affordable price to promote health to customers.

The couple employed many women to work in their manufacturing unit. These women mix tea and pack tea bottles. Some of them are engaged in social media promotion as well.

Siva Priya says that she knows the difficulties of job tensions and pressures. Especially, women have to handle much pressure as they need to balance between their family and job. They have to take care of their family members and fulfil their job tasks as well. That’s why employees at their company have no stringent rules. They can work flexibly to ease their job pressure and improve their performance.

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