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Aadhaar to have facial recognition

Aadhaar to have facial recognition

For quite a while, the recognition requirement for a person’s Aadhaar card has been a fingerprint recognition.

However, this form of identification is beginning to cause problems, since people with fingerprints that have worn from age or people with fingerprints that have faded from intense agricultural labor cannot have their identity recognized for their Aadhaar card.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has been coming up with some alternative identification methods in order to solve this problem.

Last week, UIDAI announced that a new security system would soon be coming, in which consumers do not need to share their Aadhaar numbers when applying for certain services.

Instead, they will be given random, temporary, 16-digit Virtual ID numbers, which can be used in place of Aadhaar numbers. This system will be compulsory by June 2nd of this year.

However, the UIDAI has also announced an upcoming alternative identification method for Aadhaar: a facial recognition system.

This system will be available on July 1st of this year, and it will be a convenient replacement for people who have trouble with the fingerprint recognition system.

However, the fingerprint recognition system and iris recognition system will still be available to those who prefer to use them instead.

The facial recognition system will only be allowed in fusion mode, used alongside one of the other forms of recognition, either the fingerprint recognition system, the iris recognition system, or a one-time password (OTP).

However, despite this, the use of facial recognition still raises some questions about the extent to which this technology should be used.

For example, in China, facial recognition is used by the government to survey their citizens.

Given the fact that Aadhaar is such a prominent presence in the lives of Indians today, many people are concerned that India will go down the same path.

It remains to be seen whether or not the Government of India will enforce the privacy rights of its citizens in the future.

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