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Tips for treating itchy belly during pregnancy

Tips for treating itchy belly during pregnancy

Itching belly is one of most common conditions in pregnancy. There are many reasons for abdominal itching. In the early days of pregnancy, the elevated estrogen level is the main cause for the itchiness. It even leads to itching on other body parts. And in later stages of pregnancy, the skin of the belly expands and as a result it becomes dry and causes itching.

Expansion of pelvic region to accommodate the baby in the womb is another reason for this itchiness. Whatever is the reason, the itchy belly is an annoying condition during pregnancy. You cannot even apply medicated creams on your belly during pregnancy as they could be harmful to your baby.

Many home remedies are there to treat this condition. Use them to get relief from the itchy belly.

  1. Oatmeal bath helps you relieve from the itching on belly. Soak a cup of oatmeal in your bathing water and use it. Or soak your body in water that contains oats in a bathtub.
  2. Always use lukewarm water to bath instead of very hot water as it causes dry skin and itching thereby.
  3. Apply the paste of baking soda on your abdomen to relieve from itching. Clean it immediately after drying.
  4. Coconut oil is safe to use. So apply it on your belly. It not only soothes your itching but nourishes your skin as well.
  5. Apply a mild natural moisturiser on your abdomen after your bath following your physician’s advice.
  6. Instead of tight clothes, wear loose, cotton clothes that are comfortable to you. Also do not use synthetic clothes which trap heat and cause itching.
  7. Make sure you use a mild soap like baby soap. You can also use mild shower gel to work gently on your skin. Stay away from harsh soaps which cause dry skin.

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