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Benefits of Camphor

Benefits of Camphor

In India, camphor is mainly used in Puja. However, camphor has many cosmetic uses and health benefits. Many cream and ointment manufacturers use camphor.

Camphor has a strong odour. It can easily be absorbed through the skin. It is topically applied to relieve pain and itching. However, camphor should not be used in high doses.

Do not use products that contain more than 11 percent of camphor. Also, you should not apply it to broken skin as it may be toxic.

It is better to do a patch test before using it on your skin to know whether it causes any reactions. Also, use white camphor oil since it is safe to be used.

Do not use yellow or brown camphor oils as they have high amounts of safrole, which can be toxic.

Here is a list of some benefits of camphor:

  • Camphor helps relieve pain and swelling. Lotions and ointments containing camphor are used to relieve skin irritation.
  • It also helps treat wounds. Camphor, when used with clove oil and eucalyptus oil, helps relieve joint pains.
  • It can be used to ease the symptoms of eczema, like itching.
  • It helps relieve muscle pain and stiffness. The mixture of camphor oil and menthol is used to relieve pain, especially beneficial for back pain.
  • Some studies found that ointments containing camphor, honey, and sesame oil helped heal burn wounds faster than Vaseline.
  • Due to its inflammatory properties, camphor is also beneficial for people suffering from arthritis.
  • It also helps treat chest decongestion when the vapour is inhaled. Alternatively, you can apply camphor oil to your chest to relieve decongestion and cough.
  • Some anecdotal evidence suggests that camphor oil helps treat muscle spasms, anxiety, depression, acne, hair loss, earaches, and cold sores.
  • Camphor helps to get rid of lice. Applying the mixture of camphor oil and coconut oil on the scalp suffocates lice.

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