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Natural alternatives to naphthalene balls

Natural alternatives to naphthalene balls

Many people keep naphthalene balls in almirahs or cupboards to repel moths and pests. But, they are toxic to human health and pets’ health when inhaled. Hence, use these natural alternatives in your cupboards. They are effective as chemical ones and smell better than those.

Here is a list of some herbs that can keep your clothes safe from moths:

Cedar chips have a pleasant aroma. So, they can repel many types of insects and pests. You can either hang a few cedar chips or keep them inside cupboard drawers. Keep some blocks in a bowl or sachet, and place it in a cabinet or closet. Change them regularly to keep their aroma fresh to be effective for repelling insects and pests.

Lavender sachet bags can keep your clothes moth-free. They make them smell fresh. You can make your own sachet bags using dried lavender leaves and flowers or buy them at stores. You can also sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil on your clothes to keep them fresh.

Citronella also works effectively against moths. Keep dried citronella leaves inside a bowl and place the bowl in the closet. Or mix citronella oil with water and sprinkle it in your cupboard.

Use dried mint sachets to repel insects and bugs. Alternatively, you can use cotton balls soaked with peppermint oil as well. But, keep these balls carefully as they can stain the items in the cupboard.

Mix different herbs like cloves, thyme, rosemary, cinnamon, spearmint etc. Keep these herbs in sachets or cotton bags to place them in your cupboards.

White camphor oil is an effective natural alternative to mothballs. Use it in small quantities to avoid side effects like skin irritation and redness.

Some people also use airtight containers or garment bags to keep their clothes away from moths. You can also try these bags.

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