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Prevent ear infections naturally

Prevent ear infections naturally

It is quite common to get infections in winter. Ear infections are especially common as they are more sensitive in this season.

The irritation in the ears increases when they are exposed to cold wind and moisture is trapped in them. As a result, the bacteria grows which leads to infections.

Ear pains, yellow or bloody discharge from ears, ringing in ear, hearing difficulty etc. are some common ear related infections that people suffer from in winter.

So, here are some natural ways to prevent ear infections naturally in this season.

Healthy diet is essential for preventing all diseases. It improves the immunity which thereby prevents infections.

Cover your ears; especially when you are going out during evening or night time. Always try to keep them warm and dry.

Regular exercise keeps body in a fit condition. People are normally lazy in winters to do exercise. But, least 30 minutes of exercise like walking, jogging, cycling will help you keep healthy.

Smoking causes many health disorders. The main problem that smoking causes to ears is the inflammation of Eustachian tube which may ultimately affect the hearing. So, try to quit the bad habit.

Personal hygiene is very important to stay healthy. Washing hands before eating food helps in preventing cold and allergies and there by prevents accumulation of fluids in the ear and trapping of moisture and bacteria in it.

Adequate sleep is important to improve your immune system and prevent common health disorders like cough, cold, allergies which may also lead to ear infections.

Stay away from people who are already suffering with infections and flu.

If you find irritation or pain in your ears for a significant time, then consult a physician to avoid further chronic condition.

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