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Natural alternatives for sugar

Natural alternatives for sugar

In every kitchen, sugar is one of the most commonly used items.

It is a basic component of every home. People use sugar every day. However, most of them don’t know how unhealthy sugar can be.

Sugar can result in various serious health issues like diabetes, obesity, cancer and heart problems.

Since it can’t be avoided in usage for taste, there are some healthier alternatives for it.

These are all natural alternatives for it that you can use based on the need.


Honey is one of the best natural sweeteners. It is delicious and also good for health. It is rich in antioxidants which help your body. It has a lower glycemic index than sugar making it great for diabetics as well.


Dates are rich in various vitamins and minerals. They are very healthy for your blood because of the iron in them. Dates also improve metabolism of the body to boost weight loss. You can crush the dates after deseeding them to make a syrup that works as sugar alternative.

Coconut sugar

Coconut sugar comes from the sap of coconut palm. It is boiled and dried to make it a great sugar alternative. It is healthy because of its low fructose content.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup comes from boiling and cooking sap of maple trees. It is a thick syrup known to be yummy. It is rich in iron and several minerals. You can use this in any food item that it can be mixed with.

Natural alternatives for sugar

Natural alternatives for sugar


Molasses comes from boiling sugar cane or even beet juice. As you can imagine, it is very healthy as opposed to refined white sugar.

Brown rice syrup

This syrup comes fermentation of brown rice. The liquid is heated to get a nice thick syrup.

Banana puree

Banana puree is simple to make and use. It works best with items like fruit salads.

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