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Health benefits of ice cream

Health benefits of ice cream

Ice cream is generally considered one of the unhealthiest foods. Although many people love to eat it, it is never considered healthy. It should be noted that too much of anything can be unhealthy. At the same time, even ice cream has several health benefits. Ice cream should be consumed in small quantities to truly reap its benefits. Without further ado, here are the health benefits of ice cream.

Losing weight

Surprised to see this? If you eat ice cream in healthy and small portions without getting addicted to it, it can actually help you lose weight. This is because, the human body tends to burn more calories when you eat something cold. Combine this with exercise and you can truly lose a lot of weight.

Instant energy

If you are feeling tired, eating ice cream can give you a quick boost of energy. This is because of the sugar it has.

Good nutrients

Ice cream is made with milk and cream. As a result, eating it will help you get good amount of nutrients. These include calcium, protein, phosphorous potassium and even some vitamins too. Ice cream has nutritional value too.

Reduces risk of colon cancer

There are studies which showed that eating ice cream in moderation actually helped reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Ice cream for libido

Ice cream is usually rich in phosphorous and calcium. These minerals are said to build libido.

Improves your mental state

When you are feeling depressed or stressed, a good cup of ice cream can make you feel better quickly. There are several reasons for it. The sugars help you become more active. At the same time, ice cream can also induce the release of dopamine which helps one feel well.

Improves bone health

Ice cream is made of milk which is also good for your bones as well. The calcium and phosphorous are good for bone health.

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  1. Luke Smith says:

    It’s nice that you mentioned how eating ice cream would help you get a good amount of nutrients. My son just got a good grade on one of his recent tests so I am planning to give him a reward. I know he likes ice cream so I’ll bring him to a homemade ice cream shop this weekend.

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