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Signs of depression

Signs of depression

Depression is a very real mental condition. It can wreak havoc in your life and make you lose hope.

Here are some signs that you may be going through depression.

If you notice these signs, make sure you talk to someone and seek help.


Feeling low for a long time

Feeling low is quite common for almost everyone. However, if your sadness lasts longer than usual (more than 3 weeks) and it doesn’t seem like it is getting better, then this could be a warning sign of depression.

Having irritability

Sadness is not the only sign of depression. Being irritated most of the time can also be a sign of depression.

Behavioral changes

Depression can cause changes in your behavior. You might feel less inclined to do something you used to do. Depressed people tend to lose interest and not care much about anything. If you notice losing interest on things you used to do, it could be a sign of depression.

Routine changes

Depressed people tend to not care about doing routine things like brushing your teeth or having a shower. They find it hard to go on with their daily routine activities.

Sudden weight loss or gain

Quick weight loss or gain could be due to a medical disorder. However, it could be a sign of depression. If you have the other mentioned signs, then it could be due to depression.

Having suicidal thoughts

This is one of the biggest signs of depression. Repeated thoughts of ending your life and impulses to act on it is one of the biggest signs of depression.

Change in eating habits

Depression can cause change in interest towards eating habits. You might find yourself losing interest towards eating or start eating too much. This is a sign of depression.

Lack of concentration

When you are depressed, you might find it hard to concentrate on your work or other activities.

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