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Diet that can kill cancer

Diet that can kill cancer

An Australian healer named Breuss has developed a diet plan that can conceivably cure cancer. Only patients that have been newly diagnosed with cancer should give this a try, since it is said to only fight cancer when it is in its first stage, the diet not working if the cancer has already spread throughout the patient rapidly.

This diet works in order to starve the patient’s cancer cells while in turn keeping the normal cells healthy and well. According to reports on it, about 45,000 people have benefitted from this diet plan.

Even people that are not suffering from cancer tried the diet, reporting to have better sleep, more energy, and quicker recoveries from sicknesses such as colds. However, one must always consult one’s doctor before trying a new diet.

Solid foods are to be stayed away from for forty-two days. After that time, one can return to a more normal diet. Only liquids are to be taken, with vegetable juice drunk thrice per day, and sugar strictly avoided.

A special juice recipe follows: take one carrot, a half of a potato, three sticks of celery and one radish, juice all the ingredients, strain out the pulp, and then drink the juice as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Experts in the field say that cancer cells feed on proteins that are present in solid foods, thereby, the avoidance of solid foods starving them. In turn, the ingredients of this juice help fight the cancer away.

Carrots are taken for both their plyacetylenes, which curb tumor growth, and falcarinol, which can decrease tumor sizes by thirty percent.

Potatoes can slow down cancer cell reproduction and kill those cells, able to prevent cancers like liver and prostate cancer.

Beetroots can clear carcinogenic toxins from the liver, kidneys, and emphatic system.

Radishes are for their anthocyanins and Vitamin C, the former which fights free radical damage and the latter which fights the cancer cells.

Lastly, celery is taken for its apigenin, which can both curb cell division of cancer cells and kill them.

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