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Benefits of coconut oil

Benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils used. It is used for hair and also for cooking purposes.  Its exotic taste and smell make it very useful in every day life. Applying it to hair makes it stronger and shinier.

Here are some uses for coconut oil.

Skin moisturizers

Apply some coconut oil on skin after a shower. It will make your skin soft and shiny. It also reduces stretch marks and rejuvenates skin.

Clears dirt

Using coconut oil on face is also good. It removes excess oil from skin and removes the dirt from under the skin. The clogged up pores in skin are also cleared with it which helps in preventing acne and pimples.

Leg shaving

Coconut oil can be used to shave legs. Apply it a little before shaving to have a softer shave and prevent skin irritation. It will also prevent dryness.

Eye makeup removal

After washing face, you can use coconut oil to remove make up easily. This will easily remove all eye makeup.

Healthy hair

Coconut oil maintains the protein in the hair. This will result in strong hair. Apply coconut oil during your shower on wet scalp. It gets easily absorbed into the hair roots and makes them healthy.

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