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Ways to prevent hair breakage

Ways to prevent hair breakage

Hair breakage tends to occur in both men and women. Many people try many solutions to fight hair damage. However, it needs to be solved from the root cause. There are also some everyday habits like blow dryers, hair straighteners, combing your hair when it’s wet etc. which can cause breakage. Here are some tips to avoid hair breakage.

Don’t wash hair daily

Wash your hair only about two or three times a week. Washing your hair excessively can remove the natural oil in it and make it prone to damage it.

Check your shampoos

Sodium laureal sulphate is one of the most common ingredients in soaps detergents and even to some shapmpoos. This ingredient can damage your hair and make it dry. Make sure your shampoo is free from sulphate before buying it.


Make sure you use a conditioner after hair wash. This will keep the hair smooth and prevents breakage. It will also make combing much easier and prevents breakage while doing so.

Blow drying

People who tend to use blow dryers will be damaging their hair because of the heat that comes from it. The heat can destroy your hair shafts.

Curling irons

It is important to remember that any heating appliance can damage your hair to the core. They can leave your hair lifeless and kill the shine.

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