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Reasons for mood swings in Women

Reason for mood swings in Women

Mood swings tend to occur in most humans. However, they are much more common among women. Let us take a look at some reasons as to what causes mood swings. Many physical changes that occur in women’s bodies generally tend to change the chemistry of brain.  Here are some reasons which cause mood swings in women.


Once women enter teenage, they go through many bodily changes. In this phase, most women experience mood swings.


When women are pregnant, the level of estrogen in the body changes very rapidly. This causes sharp mood swings in women.


Menopause is a natural phase for all women. In this phase, a lot of mood swings tend to occur. This is because of the decreasing levels of estrogen.


Having stress can cause a lot of mood-swings. Stress and anxiety can affect the physical and mental state of a person which causes mood swings.


In some cases, medication can cause mood-swings in women. This is because some medicines tend to interfere with the brain chemistry.

Insufficient sleep

Women who tend to have insufficient sleep will suffer with mood-swings. Lack of sleep effects the hormones and increases stress which affects mood.

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