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Anti-aging natural remedies

Anti-aging natural remedies

Skin is one of the most defining features of human beauty.

However, when people reach their thirtieth year, their skin begins to show signs of aging, looking more wrinkled and worn.

However, for non-severe cases, there are several naturally-made anti-aging packs that can make the skin look smooth and beautiful, without any harmful chemicals needed.

Here is a list of five packs, made completely from kitchen ingredients, which produce amazing results to make the skin look young and glowing:

Take two fully-ripened bananas, and mix them with two tablespoons of yogurt, two Vitamin E capsules, and your choice of essential oil. For extra effectiveness, freeze this for ten minutes before applying it. Then apply the mixture to the face and leave it on from twenty to forty-five minutes. Do this once per week to notice better results.

Take one large tomato and some pumpkin seeds and mix them in the blender until they make a nice, thick paste. Add some rose water in the mixture to make sure its consistency is just right. Then apply this on the face and leave it on for forty-five minutes at most. Do this regularly, and wrinkles will disappear from the skin quickly.

Blend together two cups of spinach leaves, one cup of coriander leaves, one cup of curry leaves, and one cup of mint leaves. This will make a thick green paste. Afterward, add a bit of either coconut milk or rose water to perfect the paste’s consistency.

Freeze this for about ten minutes, and then add either some coconut oil or two Vitamin E capsules to it. Apply the paste all over the face and wash it off after around forty-five minutes. This will quickly erase any wrinkled lines on the face.

Put half a cup of cream and the pulp of a fully-ripened avocado in a bowl. Then take the pit of the avocado, grind it, and add it in as well. Mix this well until it becomes a smooth paste, and put it in the refrigerator for ten minutes. Apply the mix over the skin, and use it regularly to reduce wrinkles.

Take three quarters of an apple and one potato, and then blend them together until they make a fine paste. Add and mix in some aloe vera gel, which will make the paste a perfect consistency. Apply this mix to the face and leave it on for forty-five minutes. Use this regularly to effectively rid the skin of wrinkled lines.

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