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Chillies for better skin

Chillies for better skin

The statement that Chilles are good for skin sounds weird and unnatural.

However, chillies actually work wonders on skin and hair.

In the modern day, we get constant exposure to pollution, UV rays, and other other harmful gases.

In cases like this, green chillies and various other type of chillies are good for one’s skin.



Here are the reasons why chilies can work wonders on your skin.

Green chillies have great antioxidant properties and they protect your skin from harmful oxidants which we deal with every day. Bell peppers are rich in Vitamin C and they can elevate the collagen formation in our skin which results in firm skin.

Acne care
When it comes it facing acne, Cayenne chilli is the best for skin as it increases the blood flow and prevents acne formation. Cayenne can also be consumed to overcome acne significantly.

Consuming green pepper can fight the signs of aging and make the skin look younger than it is.

Due to the phytonutrients present in green chillies, they are helpful for skin which is prone to acne, blemishes and rashes.

Green chillies are known to have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. They can help the skin fight many diseases.

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