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Amazing Health Benefits of Garlic

Amazing health benefits of garlic

Garlic is commonly used in Indian cuisine for adding flavor to certain types of food items.

It is known for its culinary uses. Many people consume it after cooking.

Apart from the culinary uses, garlic has many medicinal benefits.

Garlic may not be a good palatable ingredient especially on an empty stomach due to its pungent smell and taste..

But, it has many health benefits.

Consuming a clove of raw garlic on an empty stomach provides numerous health benefits.

However, it is not recommended for those who are allergic to garlic.

Garlic improves the immunity due to its allicin. Hence, if you want to boost your immunity, consume a couple of raw garlic cloves in the morning daily.

Garlic helps control your blood pressure. So, if you are suffering with hypertension, chew one or two cloves on an empty stomach.

Being an immunity booster, garlic can fight normal viral infections including cough, cold and congestion.

It regulates cholesterol levels in the body. It reduces bad cholesterol levels in the body and improves good cholesterol thereby. Hence, garlic is efficient enough to keep heart diseases at bay.

Garlic cloves prevent various types of cancers such as stomach, esophagus, pancreas, prostrate, breast and uterus. Several population studies confirmed that the higher the intake of garlic either in raw or cooked form, the lower the risk of stomach and colorectal cancers.

Some researchers concluded that garlic helps improve estrogen levels in the body and thus improves bone health in women. It stops bone loss and degeneration as well.

Garlic has plenty of antioxidants. So, it helps in detoxifying your body from toxic substances. It also helps in preventing free radicals which leads to ageing. Thus, consumption of garlic prolongs the ageing process. It helps prevent age related conditions and dementia.

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