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Types of credit card reward points

Types of credit card reward points

Credit cardholders get reward points on spending money through their card. Banks offer reward points to encourage cardholders to spend more using the card.

Customers can redeem these points for air miles, cash, gift vouchers etc.

Reward points differ with each bank, the type of credit card and the money you spend on it.

Here are different types of credit card reward points:

  • Some banks offer welcome reward points to their customers. But, they will be credited to account holders only after paying an annual fee or joining fee. Customers are also encouraged to spend money on credit cards within the specific time of card issuance. For instance, some banks provide few reward points to their customers if they use their credit card within 90 days.
  • Regular reward points are given to customers on a certain amount of purchase. For instance, for every ₹100 you spend, you will earn a reward point. These points range from 1 to 10.
  • Accelerated points are offered by banks on special categories like shopping at partner stores or restaurants.
  • Banks offer high-value purchase reward points if a cardholder spends on the purchase of high-value items like jewellery, holiday packages etc.
  • International reward points are offered on the amount spent in other countries.
  • Bonus points are given to customers if they spend more on the card. For example, you earn 1 reward point on every ₹100 you spend normally; but if you spend more amount in any month, then your reward points may double. That means you will earn 2 points on every ₹100 you spend.
  • Some banks offer loyalty reward points to their customers upon the renewal of their credit cards. Generally, these points are credited upon the payment of renewal fees.
  • Supplementary cards or Add-on credit cards are given to a family member. They can also earn reward points, which will be credited to the account of the main cardholder.

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