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5 Smartphone Apps To Boost Your Career

Smartphone Apps To Boost Your Career

People already using Smartphone for so many aspects of their business and personal life. Now you can also use it to make your job search easier.

So many apps we installed in our smartphones for entertainment, connection, knowledge now use it to build your network so that you’re prepared when you do want or need to look for a job.

These are the 5 smartphone apps you should be using to boost your career:

Jobr To survey some of the jobs available in your field, fill out a brief profile on Jobr and then Install Jobr-Create resume or import yours-Swipe through jobs, swipe right to apply when you have just a few minutes standing in line for coffee or waiting for the bus.

This one is free. (iOS, Android)

Business Card Reader Pro Networking is a very important part of building a career and especially of an effective job search. Collecting and saving business cards is an excellent way to prepare.

Business Card Reader Pro lets you import the contact information straight from those cards to your iPhone contacts without having to enter it manually. Keep your business cards securely in the cloud.

The app also has Salesforce integration (as an in-app purchase). This one costs $6.99. (iOS)

Haystack Haystack has some of the features of Business Card Reader Pro, but it’s more focused on allowing you to create the “next generation” of business cards.

Haystack is a new way to manage your professional contacts. Create a beautiful card that you can share instantly with anyone, and take control of the information your key business contacts have about you.

This business card app have the feature of automatically updates the contact details of the cards you scan.This one is completely free! Unlimited scans, full featured, and no ads.

Pocket Resume If you want to compose an initial draft of your resume, Pocket Resume will offer you a simple template to begin assembling the information you’ll need on your smartphone.

User can create, save, manage & share (Whatsapp, Gmail, LinkedIn, Gplus & some other social platform) resume detail.  This app costs $4.99. (iOS)

Glassdoor Once you get a response from a company, you can visit glassdoor.com to see what it’s like to work there.

You can see the latest jobs with Glassdoor-Save the greatest jobs and you can apply later from your computer-You can research about companies, salaried and interviews. This is a free app. (iOS, Android)

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://unsplash.com/photos/pfmKvWLDGoc

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