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Golden Rules Of Building A Happy Culture In Company

Building A Happy Culture In Company

Employees love to work hard when they also get to play hard.

Establishing a culture, you believe in means having a clear and consistent vision and knowing how you’d like everyone, inside and outside, to view the company Building a strong culture within a team is at the core of business success.

You want a culture that recognizes and embraces shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that characterize the goals of the organization.

And it’s a good idea to make sure it suits the best people who work at the company while making a positive impression on customers and anyone else associated with the business.

Here are the golden rules of building a happy culture in company with an attitude from day one:

Your organizational design

Organizational design is the processes, structure, and hierarchy you put into place that allow you to put your culture into practice. It’s “how you do things.

This will include your communication, company policies, team building, performance indicators, performance evaluations, division of responsibilities, and even how you schedule, and run, meetings.

If designed well, everyone in the business can do his or her job more effectively. Your business culture will significantly be enhanced if the organizational design you put into place clarifies authority, responsibility, and accountability.


Recognize milestones and achievements

Letting people know they are important is one of the biggest components to a thriving, concierge-style culture. When employees feel like meaningless cogs, their work is unlikely to matter to them and they soon look for a job that’s interesting and fulfilling.

Honoring wins and milestones improves morale by encouraging the person recognized and showing team members that important events are noticed and praised in the workplace.

We celebrate every employee’s birthday with a special dessert and poster, in addition to posting photos of the office party to our social accounts. We also celebrate work anniversaries by giving employees custom pairs of shoes complete with Utility Concierge signature green.

Talking to customers and employees

At different points in a company’s maturation process, you’re almost guaranteed to go through weeks or even months where you feel lost.

When you haven’t nailed a product market fit or you’re having challenges relating to your product or corporate vision, the natural tendency is to turn your attention to where you or your team went wrong. Another way to try to solve these problems is by talking to your customers.

It’s also important to touch base with your employees. As an executive, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the minutia and the day-to-day operations that you’re not out on the front lines as a leader.

So many leaders never go out and talk to their employees without an agenda. Leaders should schedule time just to walk the halls and get a pulse on how the culture is doing, how the employees are doing, and build and develop relationships. Making personal connections makes such a difference.

Time to disconnect

We all need to hit the reset button occasionally, people can’t come in early and leave late every single day without getting burnt out at some level.

While you want employees to have a work-hard founder’s mentality, you need to recognize the work-life integration that exists and how significant it is to make sure you have personally fulfilled, clear-thinking people.

It’s important to understand that sometimes life will get in the way of business and everyone should be allowed to take care of pressing personal matters.

 Get out of the office—together

Everyone needs an escape now and then. Planning company events gives the team something to look forward to. We’ve sponsored local realtor golf tournaments, rooted for the home team at football games, chowed down at food truck parties, hit the pavement in charity runs and, of course, filmed the occasional spoof video.

Gathering the crew outside of the office in a casual atmosphere makes it easy for people to get to know one another and form new memories while having fun. Outings don’t have to break the bank, just be something everyone is interested in.

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