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5 Things To Attempt In Case You’re Exhausted At Work But Not Prepared To Quit Yet

Things to Attempt in case You are Exhausted

Find a way to get connected with the ‘why’ of what you’re working for.

You’re miserable, uninspired and frustrated. You know you have to make a shift.

But much as you’d love to quit, you’re simply not ready.

Going to work used to excite you. But these days, you’re pressing your snooze button a couple of times.

If the motivation and passion you used to feel is at an all-time low, try the options below to see if you can make a job you’ve grown work for you.


 Here are things to attempt in case you’re exhausted at work but not prepared to quit yet:

 Offer to help other departments

When you help others, you’ll often learn about projects that are outside of your work & responsibilities. And trying out new kinds of work can make your job interesting again.

People will see that they can count on you, making you a reliable and valuable asset to others at work.

Be a specialist at what you adore

Make a conscious decision to discover what you actually enjoy doing. If you want to be more creative than the position allowed you to be, start looking for ways to infuse your creativity wherever you can.

It may take more work. Over time, the balance will shift and you’ll no longer have to keep pitching to others what you like to do best. People will start asking you to use your talents and assigning you those parts of the project.

Once you’re doing more of what you love, you’ll be more excited about going to work each day.

Step out of your comfort zone

You’re doing the same things every day, and it’s boring the heck of out of you. But, be honest: Is that because no one ever approaches you with anything new, or because the last few times a boss or co-worker asked if you’d be interested in trying something else, you declined?

There are lots of reasons why people might turn down interesting opportunities. That’s because, instead of the opportunity coming with a flashing sign that reads: “Interesting!” or “Exciting!” the message you see might be more along the lines of a “difficult, new, with a risk of failure.”

But sometimes, the only way to do new and exciting things is to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. I get that it can be challenging, so the next time there’s an opportunity you’re thinking of passing on because it’s unfamiliar, ask a question instead. Try, “Could you explain a bit more about?

Sometimes the trick to making your job more exciting is stepping out of your own way.

Take on a secret Outsourcing (Freelancing)

Just because you’re not able to leave your job now doesn’t mean you can’t start working on your shift right away.

And having a secret side-hustle can work wonders for your mood and motivation.

Whether it’s something like starting your business, or simply learning a new skill, nothing feels quite as good as making progress on your shift.

Because half the despair of feeling stuck in a job you don’t enjoy comes from feeling like there’s no way out. You wouldn’t know where to go, even if you did quit today. Or you have an idea of what you’d like to do, but you don’t have the experience you need to be taken seriously.

Confidence and energy can provide you with is priceless in your day-to-day.

Even if it’s just an hour a week, choose something to go to work on and turn it into your secret project.

Talk to Your Manager

The best managers have a pretty good idea of how engaged their employees are. But, they’re still not mind readers.

If your job was fulfilling to you early on, and you haven’t spoken to your boss about it since, he may have no idea how bored you are. Or maybe, you broached the subject and got assigned a new project, so he assumes the problem is solved.

Because you’ve tried the steps above and still aren’t happy, you’ll be able to approach your supervisor with more information. You’ll be able to share how you tried to troubleshoot your workload, but it still is not right.

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