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Body language to attract others

Body language to attract others

Communication is the key in any human interaction. The way we communicate can mean the difference between success and failure in anything we want. Your style of communication can help you attract that special someone. Here are some key points regarding body language to attract others.

Open arms

Open arms means that you are ready to welcome others. Approach that special person with open arms and not crossed arms to make them feel more comfortable. This will also make you look more confident.

Uncrossed legs

Having crossed legs gives a subliminal message that you are not interested in talking to that other person. Having uncrossed legs will welcome the other person easily.


Approaching a person with a hard stare or a lack of smile shows a sign of disinterest. Having a great smile can easily charm others. A beautiful smile can even strike love at first sight.

Lean in

It is a subconscious thing we do when we are interested in a conversation. Leaning in towards a person while conversing shows an interest towards them and increases their interest in talking to you.

Walk straight

Walking straight with a little tilt in the head can be very attractive to others. This makes you appear more confident which is a turn is on for almost everyone. Having a drooping posture can be very bad.

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