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Dream 11 Unplug Policy for employees

Dream 11 Unplug Policy for employees

Nowadays, many employees work beyond their work hours. They attend to phone calls even after their work hours from their managers or colleagues to discuss work-related things.

Some managers call their employees even during their vacation. It creates stress among many employees.

Especially employees in the corporate sector, banking industry etc., face this problem frequently. If you are an employee of an MNC, you might have faced this issue.

Employees might have taken leave for an important occasion at their home. At that time, if their boss or superior authority calls them and asks about work-related things, it will spoil their mood.

To prevent their employees from such a situation and not to disturb them during their holidays and vacations, an Indian company, Dream 11, took a wonderful decision. It decided to penalize those who call their employees during their vacations.

Dream 11 came up with a unique do not disturb policy, Dream 11 Unplug policy. The policy allows the employees of the company to enjoy their vacations without any disturbances from their bosses or colleagues for a week.

They are free to enjoy their vacation without having the tension of work-related calls, messages, and emails.

The company shared its Unplug policy on its LinkedIn account. As per the policy, a holiday to an employee means a complete holiday from all work-related activities. No single person from their company is allowed to call or contact them while they are enjoying their days off.

If anyone is found to disturb the person during their vacation will be penalized with a heavy fine of up to ₹1 lakh. Thus, the company ensures its employees spend quality time with their loved ones during their vacations.

The founders of Dream 11, Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth said that the Unplug policy would help their employees relax completely so that they can work with full energy after their vacation. It helps improve their mood as well as productivity.

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