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Things to know about mouse jiggling

Things to know about mouse jiggling

Many companies started allowing their employees to work remotely after COVID-19. Many problems have been reported by employers since then. Of late, a new term, “mouse jiggling” has come to light.

Wells Fargo, one of America’s leading banks, has taken stringent measures against employees caught “mouse jiggling” to fake their work activity.

According to media reports, several remote workers were terminated for simulating keyboard activity to appear busy while working from home. Wells Fargo emphasized that it would not at all tolerate such type of unethical behaviour.

In this context, here are a few things to know about mouse jiggling and how to detect it:

Mouse jigglers are devices or software programs designed to prevent a computer from entering sleep mode or activating a screensaver due to inactivity.

They function by simulating small, random movements of the mouse cursor at regular intervals, tricking the computer into believing there is ongoing user activity.

Employees often resort to mouse jigglers to keep their computers active during short breaks or interruptions, such as bathroom visits or childcare duties while working remotely.

This prevents their status from showing as inactive or the computer from entering sleep mode.

Mouse jigglers also come in handy when employees need uninterrupted time to read documents or complete tasks requiring constant access to files, without their screen going to sleep.

Mouse jiggling can be detected in the following ways:

  • Regularly check company computers for any unauthorized applications or hardware that could be mouse jigglers.
  • Observe how responsive employees are during work hours. Mouse jigglers cannot replicate human interactions like responding to messages or participating in calls.
  • Implement software that tracks mouse movements and activity. These tools can detect abnormal patterns indicative of mouse jiggler use.
  • Inform employees about the risks of using mouse jigglers and enforce policies against their use.

Wells Fargo’s recent actions highlight the importance of maintaining ethical standards in remote work environments.

By detecting and addressing the use of mouse jigglers, the bank aims to ensure that its employees remain productive and honest, upholding the integrity of their work.

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