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Diwali bumper offer: Chennai businessman gifts cars to employees

Diwali bumper offer: Chennai businessman gifts cars to employees

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India. Business people celebrate it grandly. It is also quite common for many business people to offer a festival bonus to their employees.

Some business people present precious gifts to them as well. Savji Dholakia, a Surat-based diamond merchant, offers luxury gifts like cars and flats to his employees. This billionaire merchant is known for giving expensive gifts to his employees.

He spends crores of rupees to give lavish gifts to his employees during Diwali. Not just during Diwali, Dholakia gives surprises to his employees on special occasions.

For instance, three employees worked at the company for 25 years. So, he presented Mercedes Benz cars worth ₹1 crore to these three senior staff on the occasion of 25 years in the company.

He also gifted Datsun Redi-GO cars to some employees on the eve of New Year.

Now, a Chennai businessman also made headlines by gifting cars and bikes to his employees.

Jayanthi Lal Chayanthi is the owner of Challani Jewellery Mart. As per the Facebook page, he gifted eight cars and 19 bikes to his employees and delighted them.

While presenting the gifts to his employees, Jayanthi Lal said his employees were with him during his ups and downs.

As they helped him earn profits, he also wanted to share his joy with them and make them happy.

He added that his employees are like his family. Besides, he wished to encourage them in a positive way. That’s why he gave these expensive gifts to them.

His employees were surprised at this rare gesture. While some of them were astonished, others were outbursted of joy.

Jayanthi Lal spent around ₹1.2 crores on buying these gifts. But this is not the first time he surprised his staff with lavish gifts. Earlier also, he gifted eight cars and 18 bikes to his staff.

Image Credit: Challani Jewellery Mart Facebook Page

Image Reference: https://www.facebook.com/ChallaniJewelleryMart/

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