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Best Stock Trading Apps

Best Stock Trading Apps

Many people choose the stock market to invest their money to yield good returns. Though stock trading is a good career, beginners need proper guidance.

While investing in the stock market, one should be aware of various key concepts of the market and trends of stocks. Or else they will lose their money.

To teach investors about the basic concepts and make them familiar with stock trading, many stock trading applications are available now.

The main aim of these apps is to help stock investors. Yet, each app provides other benefits as well.

So, while choosing a stock trading app, check the following aspects:

  • The first and foremost thing you should see in a mobile application is the security it provides. As fraudulent activities are rising, be careful. Besides, investors should be extra cautious as they share their bank details with them for stock trading. Choose a reputed app that has good ratings.
  • The apps should allow you to invest in stocks with little money. Nowadays, you can open a trading account with a small amount, as several trading apps do not set a limit for the minimum account balance. However, sufficient money is required in your trading account to buy stock.
  • Also, apps like Zerodha, Angel Broking etc., do not charge brokerage on equity delivery trade. That means you can trade for free.
  • Stock trading has become so easy that anyone can start it by downloading a trading app, yet you should be careful while trading. Before buying stocks of any company, research it thoroughly and follow the advice of professionals.
  • Also, sometimes, quick decisions are needed. So, act wisely as per the situation.

Here are some best stock trading apps:

Most investors use Zerodha Kite, considering it the best trading app. The app supports many Indian languages in addition to English. The Upstox Pro app and Angel Broking are other apps used by many investors.

While Angel Broking supports some Indian languages, the Upstox Pro app supports English and Hindi. Other popular stock trading apps are the Sharekhan app, Choice, Groww app, and 5paisa online trading app.

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