Women bringing change in Rural India with community radio

Women bringing change in Rural India with community radio

community radio

Meet these daring women who are making use of community radio to bring change to rural India. They use radio to address several important issues and also to reach out to more women.

Radha Shukla, Shantha Kosthti, and G.Gandhimathi are the ones who rule the airways in rural India and have a finger on the pulse of their respective local communities.

Radha Shukla says that she cannot remember the last time she took a holiday or when she celebrated a festival with her family. She says that her work is important and that she doesn’t mind it.

These women are the managers of their very own community radio stations in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu respectively. They all say that they don’t mind trading a normal life for an opportunity to make a real difference in society.

Koshti says that the radio station she has been running her radio station since 2009 and that it is truly a medium of the masses which can help in reaching sustainable development.

They are just tip of the iceberg. Today, there are 179 community radio stations operational in India, some of which reach remote and backward areas.

Bimal Julka, Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting states these community radios have helped many people of their own language.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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