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Mann Ki Baat: Joint Radio Programme of Modi and Obama

Mann ki baat

In ‘Mann Ki Baat’, the radio programme organized by government of India, Obama and Modi jointly participated and addressed the nation on Tuesday night.

It is the first ever radio programme that was addressed by the US President and the Indian Prime Minister together.

The special broadcast lasted for 35 minutes in which social issues are touched. The programme was recorded on the Republic Day and questions were received from various people throughout the country.

Before answering the questions Obama said ‘Namasthe’ to the listeners of the programme and expressed how America wants to associate in India’s efforts to eradicate the poverty of millions of people in the country.

When asked on obesity, Obama expressed that it is a global issue to be addressed and would like work on it internationally with other countries including India.

Modi expressed his worry about the sex ratio of girl child to boys in the country and this is due to defect in our attitudes.

He added education is very important to save the girl child and it is our duty to provide education to girls.

Both leaders stated that they had never imagined that they would occupy the top positions in the countries as both of them come from humble backgrounds.

Check out the written transcript or listen to the radio podcast here: CLICK HERE

Link courtesy: Narendra Modi Official Site

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