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Woman earns over ₹4 lakhs by selling skin care products

Woman earns over ₹4 lakhs by selling skin care products

While some people dream to become entrepreneurs, some others turn to being entrepreneurs accidentally. 49-year-old Ritu Bhansali never thought that she would start her entrepreneurial journey.

This homemaker from Jaipur started selling chemical-free skin and hair care products with the help of her grownup daughters Diva and Diya.

Ritu sells her products under the brand name – Everything Mom Made through her Instagram page and website. She sells face cleansers, scrubs, toners, hair oils etc. They are priced in the range of ₹99 to ₹1,500.

Being a homemaker for over 28 years, Ritu knows many effective home remedies for skin and hair care. She used to suggest a perfect remedy for the problems of her friends and relatives and receive compliments from them.

Many of them advised her to start a business. But, Ritu never thought of starting a business.

Now, she is a successful businesswoman and has become an inspiration to many homemakers. Her daughters pushed her to start her own business and helped her make money.

Ritu started her business venture in August 2020 with an initial investment of ₹21,000. Now her business generates a revenue of around ₹5 lakhs per month.

Diva, one of her daughters, stayed away from home for her studies and job for many years. At that time, Diva’s friends used to ask her about the products she used for her skin and hair.

Diva was replying to them that they were made by her mother and her friends requested her whether they can buy these products from her mother. She told her mother about this. However, it was not easy for convincing Ritu to start a business.

During the lockdown, her daughters asked Ritu several times to start selling products with natural ingredients and succeeded in convincing her. They also created product catalogues on Instagram and received a few orders. After that, the duo asked their mother to fulfil those orders. That’s how Ritu’s entrepreneurial journey began.

Her brand receives a good response from customers. Now, Ritu is happy for becoming financially independent.

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Image Reference: https://everythingmommade.com/

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