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Purvina offers pure and farm-fresh products

Purvina offers pure and farm-fresh products

Kerala is well-known for its coconut resources. Keralites use coconut oil for cooking. Many also use coconut oil to nourish their hair. In addition, they also use virgin coconut oil to massage the skin of infants.

A mother and daughter duo from Kerala launched a startup, Purvina, to offer pure and farm-fresh products.

Jaya and Parvathy Avanoor started their venture during the pandemic, aiming to offer virgin coconut oil made in traditional methods. Now, the startup sells over 250 litres per month.

Apart from virgin coconut oil, Purvina also offers numerous farm-fresh products like banana porridge mix, diaper rash protection oil, nipple crack oil, anti-wrinkle moisturizing oil, unrefined coconut oil etc.

Jaya says that making virgin coconut oil in the traditional method, Ventha Velichenna, is a complex process. Only 10 litres of coconut oil is extracted from around 250 coconuts.

A bottle of 250 ml of oil is priced at ₹410. The oil is available in two variants, one is for infants and toddlers, and another is for all people. The oil has numerous uses. It is one of the best selling products of the startup.

The startup procures raw materials from some farmers who cultivate them in organic methods. Parvathy says that their products seem to be overpriced, but considering the benefits and quality, it is not much.

They use organic ingredients. In addition, they follow traditional methods, which involve many processes and more labourers. That’s why the startup’s sales are growing.

Parvathy also says that they want to educate people about the benefits of using oil made in a traditional way.

Purvina has a team of workers. The majority of them are women. Purvina sells its products on its website and other major eCommerce platforms like Amazon. It delivers products to people from all over the country.

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Image Reference: https://www.purvina.in/

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