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Greenaura International transforms the coconut industry

Greenaura International transforms the coconut industry

Sumila Jayaraj, a mother of two from Thrissur, Kerala, has turned her entrepreneurial dream into reality without any formal business training.

Through sheer determination, she established a thriving business that generates significant revenue and ensures local coconut farmers receive fair prices for their produce.

Sumila’s entrepreneurial interest began in 2010 when she joined a virgin coconut oil manufacturing company.

With her children starting school and her husband relocating to Abu Dhabi for a job, she sought to keep herself occupied. She said that the job introduced her to the potential of various coconut-based products.

In February 2012, Sumila started Greenaura International, a small coconut oil manufacturing unit in a shed near her home in Engandiyoor. Although the business initially thrived, the COVID-19 pandemic forced her to shut down operations in 2020.

Sumila mentioned that reopening the business after the pandemic was challenging, with securing a bank loan being the biggest hurdle.

It took almost a year to get the loan approved, and many advised her to abandon the venture. However, she was determined not to give up.

Within two years, Greenaura International expanded from producing a single product to 13, employing 15 people, mostly women.

The company’s main product is coconut milk, but it also manufactures coconut powder, virgin coconut oil, coconut water vinegar, desiccated coconut, coconut pickle, coconut laddu, and cookies.

Greenaura sources high-quality coconuts from about 100 local farmers in the coastal area. Currently, her unit exports products to the United States. In addition, the company also supplies supermarkets and catering companies in India.

Sumila attributed her success to hard work and dedication, emphasizing the importance of patience as every business takes time to grow.

Looking ahead, Sumila plans to expand Greenaura International’s product range with more coconut-based items.

Her transformation from a homemaker to a successful entrepreneur showcases the power of perseverance and determination.

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