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Teenager fights for safe roads

Teenager fights for safe roads

When Sneha Makhijani moved from the United States to Noida, India, she was shocked at how different the road experience was.

She describes the pleasurable road trips that she and her family would take in the US, in contrast to the tense and strained way they would drive around in India. There was good reason to be tense too, as Makhijani quickly discovered; people drove in the wrong lanes, often broke the rules of the road, and most of all, created much noise and disturbance.

Therefore, she decided to start the platform MyRoadSafety, which prompts people to know and safely follow the rules and conventions of the road.

MyRoadSafety is a platform that functions both online and offline to instruct people on the rules of the road. The main goal of the platform is to improve the social outlook on driving even more than the legal outlook.

The focus is oriented there because the conditions of the road are affected by how the people follow the laws more than existence of the laws themselves.

Currently, five hundred thousand accidents happen per year in India, and one hundred and forty-six thousand of those accidents are fatal. Therefore, MyRoadSafety focuses on enforcing the importance of road rules to Indians.

Makhijani often goes out into the Noida streets on weekends to bring the MyRoadSafety platform to a personal level, as she talks to the drivers about the importance of a safe road environment. While some dismiss her as being too young to know what she is talking about, others take her advice very seriously and listen to her with patience.

Teenager fights for safe roads

Teenager fights for safe roads


She will soon take her platform to the new generation and instruct those who have just gotten their driver’s licenses.

With more awareness on road safety, Makhijani hopes that the Indian social outlook on driving will improve, and that she willone day be able to enjoy her driving experience in India just as much as she did in America.

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