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His own struggles didn’t stop him from helping others

His own struggles didn’t stop him from helping others

In this day and age, a one-rupee coin is almost worthless. Children could barely buy a candy with it. However, with what V. Venkatraman did, the one rupee coin would get a poor man a packet of food with rice, curry, sambar, and rasam.

Venkatraman, a resident of Erode in Tamil Nadu has been providing such meals to the poor and needy since the past eight years. He provides the poorest people who cannot even afford a single meal a day.

Since the past eight years, Venkatraman provided food to the poor every day. He provides them with three meals a day. He sells these food packs which are made with good hygiene for just Rs. 1 at his Sri AMV Homely Mess. It is a small restaurant located near the Erode General Hospital.

He got the idea to start such a thing when a woman made him aware of the harsh reality faced by many poor people.

The lady came to purchase food for herself and her husband who was in the nearby government hospital. He used to sell six idlis for Rs. 10. Since they were out of idlis, he asked the lady to take dosas instead. However, she didn’t take them because they were sold three for Rs. 10 and that was not enough for her family. So he gave her six dosas for the same amount.

He saw there were many such people in hospitals and everywhere else too. That was when the idea to provide meals for Rs. 1, struck Venkatraman. At first he could only help 20 people by giving them tokens which can be used to collect food at his restaurant. Now, he gives away 70 tokens every day. The most interesting part about all of this is that Venkatraman’s mess makes very little profits. Even when he could barely afford his daughter’s college fees, he continued helping the poor.

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