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A shopping mall for the underprivileged

A shopping mall for the underprivileged

Shopping malls are common places to find beggars. They are often sitting on the pavement, since they are not allowed to go inside these shopping malls. These people cannot enjoy the same shopping experiences of the people around them.

Three entrepreneurs: Shivaji Prabhakar, Jey Bala, and Ajith Kumar, decided that the situation of these beggars is extremely unfair.

They decided to do something about it. On February 18th, the three of them opened their shop for their non-profit organization, Thuli.

Thuli is an initiative that can allow underprivileged people to have a shopping mall experience of their own.

Most charities simply give out their products to their beneficiaries, without allowing them to choose what they would like to have. Thuli, however, offers these people that choice. It assembles the clothes and accessories that are received from charity and sorts them out.

They are then dry-cleaned and arranged according to age, gender, and size. Then, they are put on display in the racks of the Thuli shop. People who enter the shop are given free vouchers of either ₹500, ₹1,000, or ₹2,000. They can redeem these vouchers at the shop, according to their own choice.

Ever since Thuli was founded and their shop was opened in February, they have received 2,042 beneficiaries.

They have partnered with Aloft Hotel and Parveen Travels. Aloft Hotel will provide free laundry services.

Parveen Travels will offer their transport services for collecting and bringing items to and from the store. Also, both Omega Healthcare and Beyontec Solutions have promised to send volunteers to help sort the items on weekends.

Thuli’s goal is to do “charity with dignity” by allowing their beneficiaries to choose the items they want. Thanks to Thuli’s efforts, underprivileged people can not only get the items that they need, but they can get the shopping experience that they want as well.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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