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The shop that brings happiness

The shop that brings happiness

A pop-up shop has always had the purpose of being a small store that is here today and gone tomorrow. It dates back to the 1298 Vienna December Market, and has since then become a tool that many designers use in order to show off their products to their respective niche audience, usually bringing them all together.

However, in North Delhi, a new kind of pop shop is scheduled to take place. This one is aimed to bring in the underprivileged for an unforgettable shopping experiences that is one of its kind, something they may cherish in their hearts forever.

Scheduled to be held in the second week of May, four Jain women have gotten together in order to set up this one-of-a-kind pop-up for the poor.

The women came up with this idea realizing how the poor get all the hand-me-downs from those who are more fortunate than them, and giving them this pop-up of them instead gives them a choice for them to see what they would like to buy, choosing for themselves, as is a rarity in their situation in comparison to others’.

They hope that this shop becomes an offering for poorer people to really buy whatever they want at affordable rates.

However, they still keep a price to the items because they don’t want the buyers to feel like these are being given to them; they are things which they are still paying for, and will therefore value more than items given to them under charity.

All the products will be displayed in Saket in Delhi, and it targets the slum-dwellers in the area, the shop working hard to create an excited feel among the people coming to it.

The shop that brings happiness

The shop that brings happiness


With clothes, bags, toys, bedsheets, and even household articles of good quality being sold, they aim to change the things that the poor are able to have the luxury of buying.

The items will be segregated by price, and all will be given coupons enough to buy several items when they walk in.

People can exchange these coupons around the store for items they like.

This way, the women aim to spread happiness among the less happy as often as possible.

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