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Shadab Hassan provides Education to Poor Children

Shadab Hassan

Meet Shadab Hassan, the man who started Hamid Hassan High School. If you are wondering what is so special about starting a high school, read on to find out. The high school was started in 2010 January in Brame, a small village 20 km from Ranchi. This is a place which is filled with many underprivileged students who could not get proper education. Hassan started this high school even though he was alumnus of BIT Mesra and got great job offers.

The reason behind this is that Hassan was a man who had to go through a lot of troubles just to continue his education, he did not want others to go through the trouble that he went through and started this school. Hassan had to sell balloons and candies when he was a child to get money for school fees.

The start of the school was when Hassan, with his mother and father gathered 80 children and started teaching them. It took a great deal of effort to get these 80 children. They searched nearby villages and found out who did not go to schools and why.

After this point began the ‘Reach2Teach’ campaign which was aimed to teach surrounding areas about the importance of education. The high school authorities assured parents that their children could still attend their jobs. The reason behind this is that the parents would never accept their children to attend school if the children could not attend their jobs because of it.

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