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Restaurant that saves 45,000 liters a month

Restaurant that Saves 45,000 liters a Month

The unique idea used in this restaurant is helping it save more than 45,000 liters a month! Read on to find out what they are doing.

A glass of water might seem like a small amount. However, when you combine thousands of these glasses, it makes a lot of difference. There is approximately 150 ml to 200 ml water in a typical glass. Most restaurants serve water which ends up being wasted. Customers tend to have only a few sips of water from a glass in a restaurant. All the remaining water is thrown away and it goes to waste.

Most restaurants do this without thinking much about it. However, after seeing the severity of drought affecting Maharashtra, one restaurant in Mumbai is following a unique way to recycle the water and reuse it.

The Gloria Restaurant in Byculla does not throw water left by customers. That water will be used for gardening, cleaning and washing. Forty-nine year old Abbas Suleman Kadiwal who is the owner of the restaurant ordered his employees to use water sparingly and to re-use it whenever possible. He saw the shortage of water across the country and wanted to do his part.

The restaurant approximately uses 8,000 liters of water every day. With methods of recycling from Kadiwal, the consumption of water has gone down by 1,500 liters per day. In this way, the restaurant is saving a lot of water every month.

Saving water is not the only thing that Kadiwal is doing. The restaurant also does not like to waste food. The leftover food from the restaurant is collected and served to the poor and hungry. Kadiwal says that whatever food is leftover in the restaurant in a day is preserved with hygiene. This food is served to the beggars who visit the restaurant.

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