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Pune doctor helps deliver girl children for free

Pune doctor helps deliver girl children for free

If a boy is born into a family, they grandly celebrate the occasion, but the same thing is not happening for a girl child. Still, the majority of people across the country are not welcoming the birth of a girl child. Hence, this Pune doctor decided to waive off maternity charges on the birth of a girl child.

Dr Ganesh Rakh from Pune helped in the delivery of more than 2000 girl children and waived off delivery charges for that. Thus, he made the parents of newborn girls feel lucky.

Dr Ganesh, the doctor at the Medicare Hospital, helped many pregnant women in their deliveries. Whether it is a normal delivery or caesarean, the doctor does not charge a single penny for the delivery of a girl child. He has been doing it for nine years.

He was raised with two younger brothers. He does not have a sister. He observed gender discrimination in his childhood. He knew how girls in his village were treated differently, and many of his neighbours considered their daughters a burden.

Due to his poor background, Dr Ganesh had to face financial hardships during his childhood. His father was a coolie. Dr Ganesh realized the importance of education when he was in class 8. He studied hard and pursued MBBS. He started his career as a general practitioner.

As a doctor, he had seen many heart-wrenching scenes at his hospital. Some new mothers did not like to touch their newborn daughters, while others wished to die if they delivered a girl.

Several couples requested him for gender tests. Some others used to ask about diet plans to conceive a boy. He had witnessed many such scenes in urban areas like Pune. Hence, he wanted to change the situation.

Aiming to stop gender discrimination and female infanticide, Dr Ganesh decided to help deliver a girl child for free of cost. Besides, the occasion is celebrated by cutting a cake. A baby care kit is provided to mothers. Many people appreciate Dr Ganesh’s initiative.

Image Credit: Dr Ganesh Rakh on Twitter

Image Reference: https://twitter.com/DrGaneshRakh/status/1467858314415378433/photo/2

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