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This Muslim breaks Roza to save an infant of Hindu Jawan

This Muslim breaks Roza to save an infant of Hindu Jawan

Here is a Muslim who thinks humanity is greater than religious rituals. He showed it in his deeds.

His name is Mohammad Ashfaq. He lives in Bihar. Like other Muslims, he also strictly observes Roza during Ramzan month.

But, when he came to know that a 2-day-old baby girl needed blood, he came forward without any hesitation.

Ramesh Singh is an SSB jawan. Currently, he is working in Arunachal Pradesh. His wife Aarti Kumari gave birth to a baby girl two days ago in a private home in Darbhanga.

But, the baby’s health was critical. The blood group of the newborn is O negative which is a rare group and doctors need it to save her life.

Hence, the hospital could not arrange the blood.

Then, the family members posted on social media and they kept on posting about the need.

At that time, Ashfaq came across the post. Without any second thought, he contacted the family through Facebook.

He reached the hospital. He was on a Ramzan fast. But, the doctors refused to take his blood as the blood could not be drawn if he doesn’t have a meal.

As per the advice of doctors, Ashfaq ate some fruits and donated his blood to the little girl.

He said that observing fast is essential, yet saving a life more important. Moreover, he is proud of his act that he saved the daughter of an army jawan who fights for the sake of the country.

He added that he can observe Roza on some other day, but lifesaving is a great deed. He felt that Allah has chosen him to save the life of the baby and he does not care whether the baby is Hindu or Muslim.

Image Reference: Indiatoday

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