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Meet the 106 year old Indian YouTuber

Meet the 106 year old Indian YouTuber

At one hundred and six-years-old, Karre Mastanamma has already achieved quite a feat with her many years. However, in her aging days, she has also achieved the feat of being declared the world’s oldest YouTuber.

Her long life did not begin easily: orphaned at birth, married at age eleven, and widowed at age twenty-two. She was then left alone to fend for herself as a wage worker and the mother of five children, four of which she lost to an epidemic of cholera.

The lone survivor, her eldest son, David, lost his sight from the disease. However, she and her son managed to stay strong and live on.

Mastanamma herself continued to live independently and cook her own food, for which she would become famously known.

Mastanamma acquired her title as the world’s oldest YouTuber when her great grandson, Karre Laxman, and his friend, Shirnath Reddy, visited her while on vacation. They had decided to begin a YouTube channel that would focus on countryside bachelors who cook their own food.

However, when these videos were unsuccessful, the duo decided to film Mastanamma’s excellent cooking. The videos were hits, receiving hundreds of thousands of views (sometimes in the millions) and giving their channel about five hundred thousand subscribers.

Mastanamma’s cooking is unique because of its completely natural and homemade methods. She is filmed cooking on an open wooden stove in the middle of a paddy field, with a fire only fueled by sticks and leaves.

The always cooks with a traditional feel, but makes the most unconventional of recipes, such as her chicken cooked in a watermelon shell and her biryani cooked in smoked bamboo.

Meet the 106 year old Indian YouTuber

Meet the 106 year old Indian YouTuber

After the meal is finished, she is always shown feeding it to her family and her fellow paddy field laborers. With videos that blossom with heart, charm, and countryside tradition, it’s no wonder that this world’s oldest YouTuber has become so well-known and loved.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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