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Limbo skater Shrishti Sharma Breaks Records

Limbo skater Shrishti Sharma Breaks Records

Shrishti Dharmendra Sharma, an exceptional 18-year-old skater from India, has once again made history by breaking her own Guinness World Record for the fastest time to limbo skate over 50 metres.

Surpassing her previous record of 7.38 seconds set in 2021, she achieved the remarkable feat in a jaw-dropping 6.94 seconds.

Limbo skating is an exhilarating sport where skaters manoeuvre on roller skates under a horizontal pole without any contact.

In her record-breaking attempt, Shrishti impressively limbo skated beneath 51 horizontal bars, each placed just 30 cm or 12 inches above the ground, without touching or dislodging any of them.

What’s even more astounding is that she managed to maintain the splits position throughout the entire duration, as neither her hands nor arms were allowed to touch the floor at any point.

Shrishti’s journey of breaking records began back in 2015 when she was only 11 years old. Notably, her first Guinness World Record was for ‘lowest limbo skating over 25 metres,’ where she skillfully skated underneath 25 bars set at a height of 17 cm.

This achievement remains unchallenged till date, making her the undisputed record-holder.

With a passion for supporting humanitarian causes, Shrishti uses her record-breaking attempts to promote the Save a Girl Child organization, emphasizing the importance of treating girls and boys equally in society.

In 2017, Shrishti took her skills to an ice rink and achieved the record for ‘lowest limbo ice skating over 10 metres’ at an impressive height of 17.78 cm.

This feat, too, remains unmatched, demonstrating her unparalleled talent and determination.

Despite facing physical challenges due to her body’s natural growth in size, she didn’t let this deter her spirit.

In 2020, she shifted her focus to limbo speed skating and successfully broke the record for the fastest time to limbo skate under 10 bars.

Her extraordinary time of 1.72 seconds was an incredible milestone, but she didn’t stop there. In 2021, she broke her own record yet again, achieving an astonishing time of 1.69 seconds.

Her relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering dedication to breaking barriers in the world of limbo skating has made her a true inspiration to many, proving that age and physical constraints are no match for sheer talent and determination.

As she continues to set new benchmarks in the sport, Shrishti’s incredible journey remains an awe-inspiring tale of triumph and resilience.

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