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Matka Man offers free drinking water

Matka Man offers free drinking water

Alagarathanam Natarajan, a 69-year-old man, is a role model to many young people with his humanity and kind activities.

Alagarathnam was born in Bangalore. He went to London on a tourist visa but later started a souvenir shop. However, his life changed after some time as he was diagnosed with intestinal cancer.

Alagarathnam won the battle and returned to his homeland after that. He started living in Delhi. This cancer survivor initiated several services to the underprivileged. He served food to the homeless. Besides, he helped many last-stage cancer patients. He also involved with the funeral services of the destitute people.

Observing the water crisis in the national capital, Alagarathnam decided to offer free drinking water to people. He set up around 15 matkas on stands in his surroundings in South Delhi. These stands have his telephone number so that people can inform when a matka is empty. In summer, he provides nearly 2,000 litres a day through these matkas. That’s why Alagarathnam is known as Matka Man.

Alagarathnam offers a wide range of services to the poor. Besides providing free drinking water to thirsty people, he offers nutritious salad to construction workers and daily labourers. He makes this salad with different ingredients like kidney beans, chickpeas, double beans, sprouts, various vegetables and spices. He serves nearly 150 people twice or thrice a week.

He also offers free breakfast to women and school children. The breakfast includes masala omelettes and bread. Besides, he provides lassi during summer. He offers this food at a subsidized rate to domestic workers, labourers, security guards etc.

To help cyclists fill air round the clock, Matka Man placed cycle pumps at various places across Delhi.

He uses a van to do all these things. The van is equipped with an 800-litre tank, a pump and a generator. He helped many people so far with his services.

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