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Mangalore couple holds Exclusive World Records

Mangalore couple holds Exclusive World Records

Chethan Koppa and Akshatha Kudla, a couple from Mangaluru have unique talents. They have entered into the ‘Exclusive World Records’ with their talents.

Exclusive World Record (EWR) was established in 2019. It is a record book. It welcomes all people or Organizations that excel in their skills to be recorded in the book.

Akshatha Kudla is a Kannada Teacher in St Aloysius Gonzaga School. She has created a world record through more than 40 mimicries in one minute.

Her husband Chethan Koppa is also a teacher. He is the in-charge headmaster at Government Higher Primary School and also an artist. He has drawn the largest Gandhi portrait using papers and stencil in the least possible time. With this, he also holds a world record by breaking an earlier record.

Akshatha won several prizes in singing and mimicry. She performed in many shows in India and abroad.

By holding a world record in mimicries, she wants to create a record in singing also. She is planning to sing more than 300 songs continuously for 16 hours.

The couple presented their skills in the event and excelled there. Chethan says that his talent would encourage his students to present their skills. He used white and black paper sheets to make the largest portrait of Mahatma Gandhi.

Chethan had also written a few books. He directed few plays as well. He conducts many awareness programs for his students aiming to transform their lives.

The couple is associated with Gopadkar Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra.

Since the existing education system mainly revolves around exams and books, the Kendra wants to change it and encourage students to shine in other activities.

The Kendra aims to create an alternative education system through art forms like music, dance, painting, drawing etc.

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