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Man helps thousands to crack exams with his videos

Man helps thousands to crack exams with his videos

Getting a government job is one of the toughest tasks now. Yet, it is a dream of many young people in the country.

However, cracking competitive exams is not an easy task. Good coaching is essential to prepare well for the exams, which is difficult for many underprivileged.

There are some people who help others in an affordable manner. Here is a man who is helping the job aspirants by providing free coaching with his YouTube Videos.

Dinesh Miglani is a resident of Rohtak. He finished his LLB and LLM from Delhi University. After the completion of his course, he started practicing law for a year. But, later, he decided to become a tutor.

He took private tuitions for around 13 years in various cities like Delhi, Gwalior, Jabalpur etc. His coaching helped his students crack several competitive exams such as Civil Services, Government Job Exams, SSC, CAT, MBA, CLAT etc.

Then, he wanted to move to his home town Rohtak and settle there. He was giving coaching to his students there.

At that time one of his students informed him that she would not be attending the evening classes due to her parents’ concern about her safety.

Then, Dinesh found an alternative solution and launched his YouTube channel.

His channel now has more than 4.34 lakh subscribers with over 1,000 votes and 1.04 crore views.

He uses both Hindi and English to teach through his videos to reach all the students of the country. He teaches Math, reasoning, General Knowledge and English.

And his wife teaches language classes like Spanish and English.

An interactive session will take place from Monday to Friday between 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Several students were impacted by his videos. Gurdeep Singh from Sonipat, Haryana is one among them. He came across the videos of Dinesh when he was facing the difficulty of cracking government exams. Now, he is working as an Executive Officer in Export Credit Guarantee Corporation in India.

There are several other students also who are taking help from these videos to crack their exams.

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