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Man earns crores of rupees with organic products

Man earns crores of rupees with organic products

Many health-conscious people are opting for organic products nowadays. In this context, several startups offer different organic products to their customers.

Satva Organic is one such startup that offers organic products like ginger, turmeric etc.

Devesh Patel, an IT graduate is earning crores of rupees per year with these products.

Being passionate about farming, he started farm practice in 2005 while he was studying in college.

His family has 12 acres of land. He acquired an additional five acres of land on lease from friends. He started organic farming and succeeded.

He follows bio-dynamic farming and uses organic manure. In this farming method, the soil is enriched with nutrients before sowing the seed.

He founded Satva Organic to sell organic products like turmeric and ginger. Satva Organic also sells dehydrated ginger, turmeric pickle, turmeric latte etc.

Satva Organic’s organic ginger powder is available for ₹700 per kg, while organic turmeric powder is available for ₹400 per kg.

Organic chai masala powder and organic garam masala powder are priced at ₹550 per kg each.

Satva Organic also produces dehydrated potato chips and chilli powder. The spices are freshly harvested, sun-dried and packaged.

Devesh Patel developed an innovative mechanized processing machine to process the spices while retaining their quality.

Devesh found that his organic products earned the same price as the non-organic products in mandis initially. Hence, he used different marketing strategies and improved his customer base.

Now, he sells 27 products, with 15,000 orders per month. He also exports around six tonnes of fresh and processed ginger and turmeric to the US and European countries.

With all these orders, he earns more than ₹1.5 crores per year.

Devesh also trained more than 200 farmers to help them practice organic farming. Few farmers became entrepreneurs. They are earning handsome money.

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