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Homemakers who became entrepreneurs

Homemakers who became entrepreneurs

Many people think that homemaking is an easy task.

But, it is not as easy as one thinks.

Here are the inspiring stories of some homemakers who became entrepreneurs:

Menaka Thilak Raj is the founder of Aswat Eco Organics. This company offers good quality and organic rice and cereals. She established this company when she could not find traditional varieties of rice to feed her daughter. Even her late husband wanted to feed their daughter with quality rice. Hence, she started her own company.

Namrata Goenka set up Green Apron that grows mushrooms. She is a former lawyer who stayed at home after the birth of her son. At that time, she wanted to utilize her time efficiently and started growing vegetables like tomatoes, radish, lettuce, herbs, radish etc. on her terrace for their own consumption. Then, she had learnt cultivation of mushrooms in a small space and now she runs a company selling mushrooms

Nisha Madhulika is a popular vlogger. She started uploading cooking videos to YouTube at the age of 55 years after her children moved out. She was going through an empty nest syndrome. In order to keep herself busy, she started posting cooking videos. Her videos gained popularity. At present, she has over 6.5 million subscribers to her channel.

Sandeep Riat is a business management graduate. She started looking after her father’s business after the completion of her education. Yet, she did not know much about business. Her father had some loans which were taken for the company. The stress of business and loans led to his cardiac arrest which resulted in his death. After Sandeep lost her father, she became the Managing Director of the company. She improved the company from the position of a sick unit to a profit-making venture. Currently, she has a factory and two offices with more than 350 employees working in them.

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