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Truly Desi offers pure dairy products

Truly Desi offers pure dairy products

Parents wish to give the best to their children. This woman turned into an entrepreneur for the sake of her daughter.

Rupali Kakade’s four-year-old daughter would fall sick frequently due to a stomach infection. The doctor, after repeated visits, suggested stopping the consumption of milk.

Soon after stopping milk consumption, her daughter’s health improved a lot. Rupali was surprised at first. Then thought of how her daughter’s health was damaged due to contaminated milk. It led her to research different types of milk available in the market.

After her daughter’s recovery, the doctor told her that she could start the consumption of milk again. But, Rupali was so worried about using the milk for her daughter that she could not trust any brand available in the market.

As a result, she wanted to launch her own brand. Her father was a dairy farmer, and even her in-laws are into farming. Realizing a great demand for pure milk, she started a dairy farm with the help of her family members. That’s how Truly Desi was born.

Knowing the potential of Truly Desi, Mohit Rathod, who started working with her as a startup consultant, joined the venture as a co-founder.

Truly Desi is a Pune-based startup. It started delivering fresh milk in packets. The startup has a production unit near Pune. Besides selling milk, Truly Desi offers other dairy products like paneer and Bilona ghee. It is popular for kulhad dahi.

The company has more than 20 employees working at the farm and production unit. It sells its products through various retail outlets. Also, the startup has its own retail store. In addition to that, it sells through various eCommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Truly Desi has partnered with more than 15,000 farmers in Maharashtra to acquire groceries, vegetables and fruits.

The startup earned around ₹6 lakhs in the first year. But it clocked a revenue of ₹3 crores in the last financial year. It aims to surpass ₹5 crores this financial year.

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