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Father and daughter earn lakhs by selling desi cow ghee

Father and daughter earn lakhs by selling desi cow ghee

Long before the boom to organic farming, Vikram Pandya focussed on it. While doing farming on one hand, he started his business venture, Shankar Farms, in 2012.

His daughter Kalyani Pandya also helps in the business. She is a law graduate. Kalyani realized that though they had a good customer base who loved their products, they were not successful commercially.

Their sales were not as good as they thought. Besides, their brand value was also not great. Though Kalyani realized these facts, she did not know how to resolve these issues.

But she got an answer after her Master’s in the UK. She worked in the corporate sector for a year while pursuing her post-graduation in London. She noticed the lapses in their business and the areas where they needed to improve.

Kalyani decided to focus on the business. Her family has more than 100 cows. So, she decided to add organic ghee to their products. Then she started selling desi bilona ghee on Amazon and other retail stores in 2020.

Her extensive online advertisements reached the target consumers. However, it took more than a year for her to get success in her efforts.

She had taken care of everything like promotion, packaging, price etc. Her efforts were successful. She received an overwhelming response from consumers.

Kalyani also got certified their cows as A2. A2 cows give superior-quality milk. As per studies, the milk of these desi cows is considered good for the health of humans. They also lower the risk of some diseases.

The lab certification helped the business to reach a wide market. In this way, Kalyani boosted the family business and reached more consumers.

The father and daughter duo are also earning from vegetable farming. Their brand clocked ₹15 lakhs in the last financial year.

Image Credit: Shankar Farm Fresh Facebook page

Image Reference: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=697659208732969&set=ecnf.100064389476033

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